3 Main Reasons Why the Quality of Your Website Impacts Your Business’s Search Visibility

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Having a website does not guarantee that your business will be able to get the leads and conversions it wants. A lot would depend on how well-made your site is. The quality of your website would determine whether potential customers can easily find your business and whether you can retain their attention and earn their trust.

Search Engines Use Algorithms To Rank Websites In Terms of Content Quality 

Useful and authoritative content is a key driver of website traffic and improved engagement rankings. There is no substitute for well-crafted content specifically written to address your target audience’s needs and queries. This is where strategic keyword placement comes in. 

According to Hubspot, content should be created based on not what your brand wants to tell people, but based on what people want to discover. Thus, a good amount of keyword research is involved when creating quality content. 

Content quality also contributes to a website’s “authority”. Website or Domain Authority is a concept used to predict a website’s overall “strength” in ranking results. A website’s authority is something that is established over time as a result of good user engagement and the acquisition of natural links.

The Quality of the Web Design Determines the User Experience

The user experience for your website can be a major game changer. A user is able to better connect with your brand when she has a positive, seamless interaction with your website. Ultimately, user experience plays a role in whether or not a user can be persuaded to avail of your product or service.

When building your website, the goal is to guide the user as they explore your brand through the navigation process. Good navigation helps the user see and understand the information they are seeking.

Users will be able to navigate your website well if the layout is simple and responsive. This means eliminating unnecessary components and keeping everything intuitive.

Back-End, Technical Aspects Affect Search Engine Ranking Results

There are plenty of technical aspects involved in the search engine ranking process. This includes the website’s security certificates, the sizes of the files and images, mobile-friendliness, page speed, among others. 

This is where Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. Even if your website has a superb layout or is filled with quality content, search engines won’t be able to crawl and index it if it isn’t set up with Technical SEO in mind.

According to Neal Schaffer, the website’s “architecture” impacts how search engines are able to quickly find your site. It is best to have a “flat” website structure, with the pages just a few links from each other.

Anyone can build a website but building an effective, highly-converting one will require planning, strategy, and, most of the time, expertise. Some aspects of website building are best left to experienced developers, designers, and content builders.

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